Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 Months

Nevaeh/ Milena

This month there were more changes.  Nevaeh is on the move now, crawling.  Milena is standing all the time and when she is not, she can usually be found sprawled out on the ground  with a bump on the head.  This forced us to go out and buy 2 area rugs. It did not help at all, these two look for hardwood. 

I can stand using furniture and I can stand by myself for several seconds. 

I am so happy to be on the move now! 

The girls are much more interactive, in fact, we now can find them laughing at each other and reaching out to touch the other.  They have been taking toys from each other for a while, but this is different there is acknowledgement between them.  

Here they are playing around with a ball. 

Here they have found their shadows on the wall. 

We went away for a week in July to OK Falls. The girls enjoyed some pool time. 


This laundry is way better then any toy we have. 

I AM NOT GOING TO SMILE, and you can not make me!