Monday, October 24, 2011

34 Weeks

We are 34 Weeks and again,all is quiet.   On the home front, I am packed, sort of...   just a few little things to pack last minute.  I started Maternity leave today and the paper work is filed.  Working on my milk supply this week, seems to be going up daily but not at the level I was expecting.  Making milk is hard work!  This week is all about me, resting, eating, massage and acupuncture, drinking tea and a ton of supplements to boost my supply to meet our babies needs.  
Our flight is book for this coming Sunday, I am so very excited to spend some time in India before the babies come and do some rest and relaxation away from home and some shopping!


  1. sounds like a great babymoon. take care of yourself and good luck with everything. travel safe!

  2. You are so close! Don't worry about forgetting anything- they have everything here! Safe travels.

  3. So close now, it feels like yesterday we talked about getting started!! I would recommend taking lots of baby face clothes as they will probably be too small for bibs. We took 10 and I wished we had 30! We also used some to dry babies bum after cleaning (every time) to prevent diaper rash. Oh...and the Indian diapers are awful..if you have room in your suitcase stuff in lots of extra diapers.
    I am excited to hear how breast feeding goes!

  4. Here's to breastfeeding! Remember that no pump can express milk like a baby so even if it doesn't look like much, it will be more for them anyway. And no mother has plenty of breastmilk from the beginning - babies are made for working up the supply :D
    Safe trip and lots of luck!

  5. You're so close!!! Hang in there!