Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still in Delhi, Waiting.

November 23, 2011-  November 29, 2011
Hanging around the apartment so we do not miss any phone calls from the Canadian Consulate.  
None came.
Had a few baby parties with our suro family. (Finn, Thomas and Felix) 

Took some pictures of the girls: 

November 30, 2011
DNA Results,  99.9%      ( On to passports. Now I am calling the Canadian Consulate)
Girls are 3 weeks old, celebrated with jungle gyms and new outfits.

December 1, 2011
Canadian Consulate calls to say, they can not get a hold of my references, HA one is here with me, and the other is in Hawaii, so at 1 am , I am calling and other potential reference in Vancouver......
References ALL DONE!  ( I was stressed there for a bit!)
Back to waiting for Canadian Consulate for Passports.


  1. hi Aleksandra, the babies are so grown up already, how time flies!!!!!dont worry too much, i bet you will be out of india soon. btw, i love the bath time pictures, they are super cute.

  2. Once you get the passport it all flies from there!! The girls have really grown, they are just adorable. What a blessing they are!!

  3. They are adorable! I hope you will get your passports very quickly now. Mean while, try to enjoy and relax aswell!

  4. Okay Rich time to bring those precious ones home where they belong, can't wait to meet them I know it will be sometime until you can bring them to work and just show off. Miss your smiling face around here, I really don't have anyone to bug.

  5. Can't believe how much they've grown! You weren't kidding when you said how long the process was!. Hope Richard is getting used to the scenery!!.
    Kisses for the little monkeys! XX