Tuesday, October 9, 2012

11 Months: Climbing Stairs and Walking. The Great Outdoors and Thanksgiving.

11 Months

Nevaeh is now climbing the stairs.

Milena is freely walking and has been for a few weeks now. 

Nevaeh is hanging on.

We had some outdoor time in the park. 

Our friend Nala... she stole Nev's ball. 

Thanksgiving  Day 
with Grandma and Grandpa Henderson and all my cousins, brothers and sister. 


  1. Love seeing updates of your two beauties-- as always, thank you for sharing! x

  2. Happy 11 month birthday, baby girls! They are so adorable! Love the two pictures of the girls in the leaves. We love eating leaves too:)

  3. Happy 11 months pretty girls! Love these pictures!

  4. Happy 11 months!! I love all your pics,but my favourite is the girls in the park viewing the amazing scenery!!

  5. Happy 11 months! Such wonderful little girls :)

  6. Were does the time go cant believe they are walking!!
    some lovely photos.